Life happens…

So unfortunately my Etsy shop is currently closed. Last fall I started to realize that something wasn’t quite right and started my journey trying to figure out what the heck was going on. Fast forward to this fall and I sort of have an idea what is happening though no official diagnosis. I have had medicines switched twice, physical therapy for a few weeks recently, and an MRI run to discover that some of my ligaments and tendons are deteriorating.

I admit to having some pretty low moments, especially on days when I’m hurting despite my medicines. However, I am attempting to push ahead for now using this blog and my business email with posts to various social media for now. I am trying to finish up a couple of projects for family while making some hats for local kids (some of my students) this winter. Please keep checking back as I do plan to post here fairly regularly about LaClaire Creations and happenings in my classroom!

Until next time…!

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Lady LaClaire

I am an elementary music teacher for USD 259 Wichita Public Schools. I have 2 children and have been married for 10+ years now. I am certified ESOL, Levels 1 and 2 for Kodaly, and I graduated with honors from Wichita State University in May 2006 with my BME. I started teaching the following fall. A couple of years ago to help deal with stress and inspired by my students' work from their art class, I took up Zentangling. Since then I have branched out to more traditional art work using mainly colored pencils, markers, and pens. I also crochet various clothing items with a focus on what season we are in (winter = hats, scarves, gloves). I hope to return to cross stitch at some point. I do have a shop on Etsy called LaClaire Creations. I currently am out of stock, but am working on resupplying soon. You can also find me on Instagram as LadyLaClaire.

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