It’s Saturday Night!

Greetings and salutations dear readers! It is Saturday as I am typing this. Not going to lie. I usually type late at night for these posts because it’s the first bit of peace and quiet I’m truly allowed.😏

So what did we accomplish this week? I’m glad you asked! I did take my daughter’s gift to a stranger’s soon to be 3 year old. I don’t know if I’ve seen a happier child to be honest except maybe my daughter who seems to be a living embodiment of Pollyanna most of the time except when she’s not. Then we just back away slowly. She’s fixing to be 9 herself even though she acts so much like a teen some days.

We did get our handyman to come get measurements for the flooring and to take a look at our front door jam. I can’t wait to get this going. This ranks up there along with waiting for fiber to be installed in my neighborhood. 🤞🏼Maybe Christmas will come early this year. 🤨 What? I behaved during shutdown last year! 😈

Moving right along… we also managed to get internet setup. Lovely gent named Jeremy made sure everything was working and told us more than any AT&T phone jockey could about the status of fiber in our neighborhood. If he’s right, we should have it by Halloween.

Lastly, for this week, we managed to take over 4 tubs and 2 huge trash bags worth of belongings we removed from our room to my husband’s car for the home version of heat treatment in case of bugs. After dropping them off, we went and picked up an antique rocking chair someone held on to from their garage sale for me. It fit like a glove and I cannot wait to read or crochet in it in our new home.

Well that about wraps up this week, but I have been working on some new crochet items I’m almost ready to share. One is a slipper that’s quick and easy to crochet. The other is a granny square flower headband inspired by my niece and daughter. So until next time when we talk paint colors and back to school, namasté!

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Lady LaClaire

I am an elementary music teacher for USD 259 Wichita Public Schools. I have 2 children and have been married for 10+ years now. I am certified ESOL, Levels 1 and 2 for Kodaly, and I graduated with honors from Wichita State University in May 2006 with my BME. I started teaching the following fall. A couple of years ago to help deal with stress and inspired by my students' work from their art class, I took up Zentangling. Since then I have branched out to more traditional art work using mainly colored pencils, markers, and pens. I also crochet various clothing items with a focus on what season we are in (winter = hats, scarves, gloves). I hope to return to cross stitch at some point. I do have a shop on Etsy called LaClaire Creations. I currently am out of stock, but am working on resupplying soon. You can also find me on Instagram as LadyLaClaire.

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