Winter Break 2021 has finally arrived!

Greetings and salutations dear readers! For those who don’t me, and since it has been a fair minute since my last post, my name is Heather Fusilier. LaClaire Creations is my hobby business I started to balance my regular job as an elementary music teacher. I love my jobs! If you know a teacher though or have kept up on education in general lately, the stress is high normally and is now astronomical for a variety of reasons.

Speaking of the classroom though, my hobby business really got started to help my students during the winter. My mom taught me to crochet to help pass the time while I was in hospital for my daughter and then we saw a need that many students did not have proper winter clothing. Jackets were being donated, but they were still missing hats and gloves. We started with just hats, but this year we are adding fingerless gloves to the mix. Part of my winter break will be used for this.

When I’m not crocheting this break, my hope is to spend time with family of course. We learned a harsh lesson last year after losing my sister to what should have been preventable. In the back of our minds, we know that life is short and we know our fate even if we do not know the hour it will happen. Friends and family are a great treasure to me that I try to stay connected with as long as possible. My family has gotten closer in realizing this and while I am thankful we have, I wish it had not taken this event to make it happen.

Speaking of relationships and connections… I thought I had truly lost a connection to a dear mentor who has been like a father for me over the years. Like a gift from the universe or higher power, I recently managed to reconnect with him and my heart is so full of joy that I still cannot find words to express it. I bring this up because family does not always mean blood relations. Sometimes family is someone you are connected to when others were not there for you and, like a true friend, tell you like it is when you need to hear it. This is my mentor to me. One of a handful over the years I am truly fortunate to know and love for all that I have learned or experienced with him.

I think I will pause here for now but, fear not! I now have time to get back in the habit of writing and sharing project updates. Stay tuned and until next time…