I survived!

Greetings and salutations dear readers! I did it! I survived the first few days of inservice meetings and trying to get my room back together for the new school year. 😎

I wasn’t sure how things would go given the state of things in my district and my health. Our district’s Covid protocol is lacking in my mind while trying to go back to “normal” instead of embracing change. Being the largest district in my state, we should be setting the example of how to be. Instead, we are found wanting by many. A shame really.

My body seems to be surviving so far the increased activity level. I am trying to do my part to ensure that by making sure I wear the correct shoes (gotta have good support there), a decent chair to sit in instead of on a lunchroom table bench for hours, and using my walking stick instead of my cane to help with mobility. The walking stick helps my standing and walking posture way better than my cane does.

Speaking of which, too many teachers are in survival mode. Talking to them, I can hear the stress in their voices knowing another rough year is in store and trying to put a good face on for those in charge. We have 9,000 teachers in our district and while we are being encouraged to “take care of ourselves” or “if you feel sick, stay home” then being told that there is no COVID leave this year so if we catch it or have to quarantine, it’s coming out of our personal leave in the same breath of being told how the district is cracking down on teachers that go into deduct for needing to be gone. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Anyway… on a happier note (😉 haha I’m a music teacher after all). I found a gift from some students last year where the parent had sewn on a bag a ball of yarn and then put a card with a cake of yarn in it to start my year last year. It would have been awesome to get it last year, but this made my day yesterday finding it. You have to understand a couple of things about last year to enjoy this with me though.

Last year, specials teachers (i.e. music, art, PE, library) had to go room to room on a cart so my room ended up as storage. I’m talking wall to wall, floor to ceiling packed. About the time this was decided, I received my health accommodations and was transferred to a different school to teach ESOL students remotely for the year. It was hard to leave, but I loved working with them last year. I love being back and the reception I’m getting from those that have been with me for a bit. The newbies are still trying to figure me out. 😏 The kids though… their reactions of joy have warmed my heart SO much. I’m glad to be back and ready to face whatever happens with them the best I can.

In other news… I had my first official house warming gift delivered yesterday. My eldest brother has been staying with our mom due to some health issues after leaving the service and driving a truck across the country. He has been working on getting a place of his own, but isn’t quite there yet so he decided to give us a kitchen/dining room table for our new home. He also got the grand tour finally after he brought it over and set it up with the help of my husband. Now he has it in his head that he can find a puppy for our kids. 🤔😂

Our new kitchen table!

In crochet news, I plan to work on some new fingerless gloves and a water bottle holder to start the school year. I’ve been having issues with circulation leaving my fingers icy cold sometimes and with the increased activity level, I’m sure to need my water bottle at all times while hopefully leaving my hands a bit freer (is this a word?) in case I need my walking stick or while I’m teaching a dance routine or two. The patterns I plan to use can be found at windingroadcrochet.com along with many others that I love to use including my new slipper pattern I’ve fallen for.

That’s it for now dear readers. I’m off to start gathering my family for birthday festivities. My daughter turns 9 this weekend. So it’s unicorns and baby Yodas all weekend. Until next time dear readers, namasté!

Projects galore!

Greetings and salutations dear readers! August has arrived and now is when my motivation kicks in for the tons of projects I’ve been thinking about over the summer. First, here is a heads up about what might happen this week in the Fusilier household.

I know I will be starting back with inservice meetings on Wednesday for the school year. Not exactly sure what that will look like with things in the air about Covid mitigation efforts. I am also looking to start a pet project that has been in the works for awhile now. On the new home front, we hope to gather supplies to start updating cabinets and paints for the new house along with maybe finding a match for the flooring we’d like installed. Fingers crossed on that one. My daughter turns 9 next Sunday and she just wants a simple family birthday this year, baby Yoda (Grogu) themed of course.

My big pet project though that I would like to introduce is called “Gloves for Gambia” supporting Little Miracle Gambia run by my dear friend, Dawda. We’ve been working together to help care for and educate children, specifically orphans, throughout Gambia. The idea is, for every order for fingerless gloves, all proceeds will go to this charity in an effort to buy school supplies and food in an effort to close the gap as much as we can for education and basic needs. For any other purchase (i.e. masks, scarves, headbands/ear warmers, etc) half of the costs will be donated while the other half will go to supplies to continue product production. Any and all support is appreciated! Any other donations can be made via CashApp $HeatherFusilier or Facebook Pay at https://m.me/pay/heather.laclaire.56/

Mondays can be rough, but they don’t have to be and I hope your’s is treating you kindly. If not, may your coffee be strong enough to last through the day! Namaste!

It’s Saturday Night!

Greetings and salutations dear readers! It is Saturday as I am typing this. Not going to lie. I usually type late at night for these posts because it’s the first bit of peace and quiet I’m truly allowed.😏

So what did we accomplish this week? I’m glad you asked! I did take my daughter’s gift to a stranger’s soon to be 3 year old. I don’t know if I’ve seen a happier child to be honest except maybe my daughter who seems to be a living embodiment of Pollyanna most of the time except when she’s not. Then we just back away slowly. She’s fixing to be 9 herself even though she acts so much like a teen some days.

We did get our handyman to come get measurements for the flooring and to take a look at our front door jam. I can’t wait to get this going. This ranks up there along with waiting for fiber to be installed in my neighborhood. 🤞🏼Maybe Christmas will come early this year. 🤨 What? I behaved during shutdown last year! 😈

Moving right along… we also managed to get internet setup. Lovely gent named Jeremy made sure everything was working and told us more than any AT&T phone jockey could about the status of fiber in our neighborhood. If he’s right, we should have it by Halloween.

Lastly, for this week, we managed to take over 4 tubs and 2 huge trash bags worth of belongings we removed from our room to my husband’s car for the home version of heat treatment in case of bugs. After dropping them off, we went and picked up an antique rocking chair someone held on to from their garage sale for me. It fit like a glove and I cannot wait to read or crochet in it in our new home.

Well that about wraps up this week, but I have been working on some new crochet items I’m almost ready to share. One is a slipper that’s quick and easy to crochet. The other is a granny square flower headband inspired by my niece and daughter. So until next time when we talk paint colors and back to school, namasté!