What have I done lately?

So I know it has been ages since my last post, or at least it seems like it. However, here is the Reader’s Digest version of things. I did manage to get over my illness though my family started to come down with it too so we snuffed it out quickly by having the doctor call out medicine at the first signs. No luck on the Zentangle coloring pages yet. I’m working out a new collection or rather re-working the listing that is posted. I’ve sent a couple of my pieces off for custom framing thanks to my mother-in-law. She’s acting as courier for me while I work with Dramatika Framing in Houston, Texas.

Let’s see… We have officially finished “concert season”at school meaning the official concert for each of the grade levels has been completed. Our 4th and 5th grade Honor Choir has a few more performances though. They just performed ‘God Bless America’prior to the Wichita Thunder hockey game last Friday and have been invited to perform for our district’s Retirement and Longevity Ball in April. They will also be performing at the annual elementary choir festival in April.

Doodle Gooder is running a back-to-back campaign that I hope to create a few for. I hope to post them and past creations on here in a portfolio in the near future. I’m also trying to create a special sticker for my music students that go above and beyond in class like my 2nd grade friends that want to know more music history and how our current notation was created. I am also looking to get a more professional setup going using part of our tax refund soon so that I might create a few videos and have a true workspace rather than sitting on my bed with a lap table.

Today has been a holiday of sort for President’s Day and tomorrow I will sit through another in-service. I will also be attending the annual Kansas Music Educators Association conference starting Thursday. Time flies and so must I. Thank you to those that are following along on my adventures. Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask them! Until next time…!

Sickness abounds

Not this comes as any surprise to those reading this, but sickness is running rampant lately.  Of course, when one gets it in a family, we all tend to share it.  So for the last few weeks it has slowed us down a bit. I still have projects going. So for as much for me, here is an update on everything going right now.

I am still working on OT covers for some of my students featuring  a giraffe, a stormtrooper, a Minecraft scene, and Clash of Clans theme.  I also have a set of fingerless gloves I’m crocheting for another student. I did get notice of another quick project for this week for Doodle Gooder I can’t wait to start. One is going to feature fairies and an elephant for toddler sisters. The other one is going to be for twins featuring baby animals.

No luck so far with my coloring pages on Etsy.  I am working on the new coloring pages, making copies to form an actual coloring book. I’m on the hunt for some local craft shows to sell some items too, so if you’re ever in the area of Wichita, Kansas feel free to say hi and check out my products!

Off to continue my projects now. Until next time, please be excellent to one another and remember we are all human!