Just a quick note about the week

Greetings and salutations dear readers! Just wanted to drop a quick little note about this week and what we think might happen.

This is my last full week before I return for a week of inservice meetings to kick off the school year. We did manage to get a couple of evaluations scheduled to get quotes for our crawl space encapsulment. We’re working on getting needed measurements and planning on what we need to get when we can move in. Hopefully we’ll hear back on the flooring this week. 🤞🏼

Tomorrow though I will be delivering my daughter’s gift to a stranger for their daughter’s 3rd birthday and setting up internet at the house, maybe. We shall see. Until next time though, namaste!

Maybe I should adjust my schedule a bit?

Greetings and salutations dear readers! I realize I was supposed to be posting this yesterday and thinking about how my weeks I may adjust my posting schedule a bit. That being said, here is last weeks recap on how things really went.

Tuesday we did our final walk through and signed off on our new home! It went as smoothly as one could hope for. We are taking our time moving in because there are a few things we want to do before furniture is moved in to make that a bit easier (ie switching carpets to laminate, updating a venting situation for our stove).

The niece and nephew are still with us. I do love them, but man oh man. My niece actually asked if I cared for her. Broke my heart to hear her ask that as if she didn’t know what it meant to have someone truly care for you. On the flip side, we found out my nephew has a nasty habit enabled by his parents of smoking cigarillos. Not sure how he got a carton of them, but he made a mistake of trying to smoke them in the house when he thought everyone had gone to bed. Needless to say the rest of the carton and pack he was working on along with the lighter have departed our house.

In other news, I have a little over a week before reporting back to school for our inservice week to prepare for the new school year. Our district has said that masks and vaccines are optional in an effort to return as close to normal as possible. That announcement came shortly before the American Academy of Pediatrics made their announcement saying that all children ages 2 and older should be wearing masks regardless of if they’re vaccinated as well as teachers. The response from our superintendent when I asked about this was that they would be consulting our local health officials soon on the matter. My principal sent out our welcome back letter Friday saying that our back to school night, the night before our first day back, is required to be virtual. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but that is not a great sign for my district.

Lastly, before I stop today, thanks to a request from my niece and a personal project I’ve wanted to do, I found a super quick pattern for slippers with a range of sizes from toddlers to adults. This is definitely a keeper and will undoubtedly be adding it to my Etsy shop for orders or through email soon!

That’s it for now dear readers. May the road rise to meet you and the winds be always at your back. Until next time, namasté.

Better Late Than Never?

Greetings and salutations once again dear readers! It is technically Sunday as I finally have a quiet moment to fill you in on what actually happened this week.

So here’s what actually happened this week. I did start using WordPress’s new reminders to post. (Yeah me!) I spent tons of time on the phone coordinating utilities for the new house since we close on Tuesday this week. The great news on this is I managed to get it done and our lender gave us the green light to close on schedule.

Of course I managed to do this partly because my mother-in-law was out of town so it was a bit quieter. This also meant I got to cook some too! This is not normal for me since my fibromyalgia diagnosis. Normally I usually only cook at the holidays because of certain limitations of mine with this disease.

We actually did an urban cookout using our new fire pit to roast hotdogs. The logs didn’t want to cooperate, but we managed to keep them burning long enough so everyone could roast their own. We used the gas stove to finish things with s’mores of course.

Another couple pieces of awesomeness this week came in the form of a finished baby blanket that I delivered to the new uncle who ordered it. Took longer since we’ve had a nasty run in with bedbugs recently. The other piece was getting to donate 2 of my original works of art for a fundraiser memorial shindig in honor of a local arts supporter. They are scheduled to be auctioned off on July 31st.

We did have a tense moment one evening this week between my husband and his dad. The in-laws have been living with us since last October when dad finally retired. It makes a huge difference to go from seeing each other once a year for a few weeks at most to living with each other 24/7 and our way of life is vastly different than theirs. Gratefully, I think my father-in-law understands that a bit better now. Nothing is happening quite like any of us had hoped or planned. C’est la vie!

Last, but certainly not least, my mother-in-law has returned and not alone. She brought my niece and one of my nephews from Oregon with her. It has been a few years since we last saw them, but it is good to see them. My niece is only months older than my daughter and have such similar mannerisms it can get a little creepy sometimes. My nephew is an unmedicated autistic teenager with ADHD. I love him, but man does he wear me out while visiting. They will be here for at least 3 weeks so I’m told bringing people under our roof to a grand total of 8. I’m not claustrophobic, but I need my space.

Anywho… It’s time I wrap up for now and promise to write again on Monday with a heads up on what might be/should be/could be happening in my week ahead. Until then, namaste!

Quick and necessary update!

Greetings and salutations everyone! The title kind of tells you what this post is all about.

Thanks to an update to WordPress I hope to do better with posting here not once, but twice a week! My current plan is to post every Monday and Saturday for now. The idea being to wish everyone well at the beginning of the week along with any plans that might need sharing on Mondays. On Saturdays I’ll post about what actually happened and share a good laugh or cry depending on the outcome.

Moving right along…. My family is moving! I love my family, but sometimes I just need space. Everything has really fallen into place for us too with the housing market being insane currently. My husband and I fell in love with a house early on, but was outbid originally. A few weeks ago though we received a call from our realtor who said that offer fell through and went from there. We are now set to close on the house July 20th. We are super excited in case you couldn’t tell.

That pretty much sums things up for now. Hopefully my health holds up for all the cleaning and sorting to do this week. I’ll share more on what you missed over the last year on Saturday!