Spring Break has arrived!

So spring break for my school district is finally here and the end of the year will be here before we know it. Admittedly, I’ve gotten way behind in my art requests thanks to life in general. So what’s really been happening you might ask?

Well, we’ve had a trip to the ER for my husband last week. Good news is that he wasn’t having a heart attack and probably will not have to deal with heart disease. Bad news being that what the x-ray showed as a bone spur turns out to be several bulging discs along his spine pinching a nerve or two. So now we are waiting for the referral specialists to setup physical therapy for starters and then possibly doing a steroid epidural injection or two.  Here’s hoping these solutions work so that we can avoid surgery.

Beyond that I’ve started catching up on my student art requests. I’m finishing up the zentangle storm trooper helmet that I’ll add color to like the Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls (or at least that’s my hope).  I also have a Clash of Clans scene in the works with a Minecraft scene after I finish those. All of these will be for the students’ OT binder covers in the AVID program.  I’m also working on baby blankets for 5 of my co-workers. Hoping to be done with at least a couple of them this week. I’ll try to post pictures here in a couple of days.

I did have a request last week that I’m supposed to be having a planning meeting for tomorrow. The owner of the Wichita Riding Academy has asked me to paint a couple of scenes for picture purposes like those you see at carnivals where there are places for faces with different scenes. Should be an interesting challenge since I have never done something on this scale before. I’ve been doing some research on painting wood and murals to help prepare. If any of you reading this have thoughts, advice, or suggestions, I’d greatly appreciate them.

So that’s the news to bring you up to date. I hope this finds you all well and we’ll catch you next time! Thanks for stopping by!